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Perfect gift for the girly girl, the fashionista, dogs and animal lover, traveler and traditional French landscape lover. Great modern art deco gift for her!
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Fans of German wine know that style has historically been given more attention than the concept of terroir. For years, the wine world shrugged its collective shoulders at the mention of the French term terroir to explain variations in quality separating some vineyards from others. Lately, though, a growing number of growers and winemakers have embraced the concept of terroir, including the Germans. The authors explain that, with the passage of a resolution in 2012 by the Confederation of Pr├Ądikat Wine Estates (or VDP), a number of things have changed such as the acceptance of the significance of terroir rather than wine style.

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  1. Pukka Author
    Pukka Author
    4 out of 5

    I was pleasantly surprised by the heavy-duty paper used to make this poster. I’m using it in a classroom, and it holds up well to “student interest”.

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