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Sympathique, fantastique, la musique

Did you know that sympa is the most commonly used adjective in Paris? Initially, sympa is short for sympathique and translated to english it means “nice”. People, places, moments, activities can all be sympa. Being fantastically non-committing, ‘sympa‘ grew to become tremendously popular an adjective.

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The Golden Rules For Houseguests

As we approach summer, and many of us will be staying at friend’s vacation homes, it is always nice to refresh our houseguest etiquette. Below Emily Post shares her list of golden rules.


Infinite scroll

Einstein said: “Two things are infinite”. He didn’t know for SympaGrid Theme.


Sweet as a cupcake

SympaGrid says “use me”, just as cupcake screams “eat me” !

Don’t worry, Rodney. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires!

Del Boy

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